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Brand: HYBRID-RACING Model: HYB-CTA-01-05
Features:Easily adapt your coolant temp sensor for your K-Swap Easy installation and perfect fit. So fun the entire family will enjoy it.This useful fitting allows you to insert a factory B/D coolant temp sensor into the upper section of the K-Series coolant system. This is required since the older ..
€24.99 Ex Tax:€20.65
Brand: HYBRID-RACING Model: HYB-GRD-01-05
Features:Shielded, heavy-gauge wire Three engine/transmission to chassis grounds. Heavy duty battery ground strap included.Often when doing a K-Swap, the original grounds don't reach or require cutting and splicing to get everything connected. Hybrid Racing's K Swap Ground Kit is a cost-effective wa..
€47.49 Ex Tax:€39.25
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