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OEM Honda RBC Intake Manifold OEM Honda RBC Intake Manifold
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Brand: HONDA Model: OHA-17100-RRB-A00
This is by far the best intake manifold Honda has made as far as power is concerned. The RBC manifold out performs the PRB and PRC manifolds almost everywhere. There is a little loss in power from low to mid range rpm but from the 5500rpm point and up the RBC takes the win by a good bit. Proven Powe..
€440.00 Ex Tax:€363.64
OEM Honda K20A(2) Oil Pump
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Brand: HONDA Model: OHA-15100-PRB-A01
Genuine Honda part, the highest quality assured.Replacement oil pump for the K20A2 or K20A EP3 or DC5 engines.This is also sold as an upgrade for other Honda K-series engines...
€279.99 Ex Tax:€231.40
OEM Honda K24A JDM Engine Complete OEM Honda K24A JDM Engine Complete
Brand: HONDA Model: OHA-ENG-K24A-JDM
Imported from the streets of Japan our Honda K24 JDM engines are above and beyond amazing quality. We have sourced these from the strictest engine exporter in Japan and you can even see the quality in the pictures. They have been removed from automatic low mileage vehicles which means they h..
€1,197.00 Ex Tax:€1,197.00
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